The Fool

The Fool is our common ground. We have all been the Fool, and in a way, we will all always be the Fool. The Fool is our younger selves, in a perpetual state of not having experienced yet, of not having learned a lesson yet. While we may not stay forever young in the literal sense, we will always be younger than we will soon become. We will always have new lessons to learn and new experiences to survive. We will always be on a journey.

There may be moments when we are at the end of a particular journey, or are feeling especially wise or world weary, when we might not relate to the innocence and openness of the Fool mindset. And yet, given time, we will in fact go on to embody the Fool once again.

On the surface the Fool is a sheltered teenager given the keys to a car for the first time. There are no worries, no boundaries, and an overabundance of confidence that they cannot be harmed and can do no wrong. They lack experience and perspective. They seek adventure and embrace all that is new and frivolous.

While there are aspects of the Fool that are certainly foolish, there is also a certain wisdom to their ways. To live in the moment and be open to a myriad of possibilities is a great feat, one that can become so difficult as we age, that there are entire industries devoted to helping people achieve and maintain a Fool-like zen.

The gift of the Fool is to follow your heart and start anew – to not be jaded or afraid. The warning of the Fool is to listen to your instincts and realize that new doesn’t always mean better. The deeper wisdom of the Fool is that we are all in this journey together, continually learning and eternally naive. We can begin again.


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