Tried and True: Tarot Caravan

In 8 weeks time I went through the kind of personal development that would normally take me 8 years. You can’t put a price on that; it’s a blessing. And in this case, it’s a blessing passed through the hands of a powerful healer by the name of Jenna Matlin (, in a course dubbed the “Tarot Caravan.”

The caravan took place over the course of 8 weeks, meeting live online once a week and with additional interaction taking place through dropbox and facebook. Each week we explored a different theme related to the relationship between ourselves and our decks. The themes were both challenging and inspirational, equal parts work and fun, and always efficient in their ability to drill into our psyches and summon growth.

The approach is genius in its simplicity: Confront and heal the reader’s personal patterns and biases, and suddenly those patterns and biases are no longer interfering with their readings. The result? Easier, clearer, more powerful readings. And that’s not to say we didn’t directly explore symbolism and technique in depth as well – we did – but the point is, this class taught us so much MORE than that. It made a difference to my entire life, not just my Tarot life, and for that I am forever grateful. And perhaps this goes without saying, but I can’t recommend it enough.

During the course of the caravan, I kept a journal of both class notes and thoughts inspired by the activities and discussions. So in lieu of revealing all of the secrets of how the course was taught and what the lessons were, I thought that instead I’d share a few of mantras and wisdoms pulled from my notes:

  • Look inward for instruction, not outward
  • Holding onto the wrong things is holding me down
  • When Tarot reveals bad news, think of it as a diagnosis
  • Self Care = self-mothering
  • Tarot is not for reassurance, it is for Truth
  • Your time is now
  • In order to be light, first you must shine

There is probably more that I could add about the content of the class here, but I really don’t want to spoil the joy of discovery for anyone that chooses to join the caravan next time it comes around. So instead, I’ll wrap up this review with a message to my fellow classmates:

This upside down hierophant is grabbing her sword and not letting go. And she hopes you do the same. ❤



Photos by @bonebonetweets

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