Be the Fool

Anyone who’s ever studied Shakespeare knows that whichever character is presented as the fool, is the only character that fully sees and speaks the truth. It’s a classic trope that persists to this day. But it doesn’t only exist in entertainment — it’s a phenomenon that’s true in life as well. The child that says the darnedest things. The teenager with wisdom beyond their years. The psychic that goes ignored. The conspiracy theorist that turns out to be right.

In a world full of noise, we dismiss people too easily. In a world full of noise, too often do we stay quiet for fear of being dismissed.

In honor of this April Fools Day, I bid you to speak the truth, no matter how foolish you may sound. Share your wisdom. Lend your voice. Forget what others think. Forget appearances, forget etiquette, forget your “place.” It doesn’t matter where wisdom comes from, it doesn’t matter if it clashes with your audiences’ beliefs. Let it out, where it belongs. Let it become a seed. Let it be a light. Go forth and share what is right. Today, and for the rest of your life, be the fool.

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