What if you won the lottery? What if you had no bills? What if you weren’t tied to this location or to that job or to those people? What if you knew how? What if someone helped you figure it out?

Ask yourself what if. Not in a worrisome, fearful way; we all know how those what ifs go. But to use that as an example, just think – if negatively-framed what ifs can be powerful enough to conjure up paralysing anxiety, then what might a positively-framed what if do? Spoiler: EVERYTHING.

For months I had been receiving the Tower card in my Tarot readings. Because I have a lot of projects in my life with overlapping natures, and because I hadn’t been terribly specific with my questions, I was at a loss as to what the card meant. There were three possible applications I was willing to see, and a fourth that was too impossible and undesirable for me to consider. Then, The Tower’s meaning came, and I’m not gonna lie, it was a terrible and painful experience. But for one brief moment, I asked myself what if this path is at its end? And I knew in an instant what I wanted to do instead. What I had already known that I wanted to do, but felt too scared and too unprepared to pursue. What I didn’t have time for yet. And suddenly I realized, with crystal clear clarity, that I was no longer scared or unprepared, and that if I accepted the fate that The Tower brought, I would now have the time I needed too.

Thanks to a split second moment of what if, I knew that I wanted to build EMPRESSWORLDFOOL. That I thirsted to do it right now rather than someday. That I had to make some difficult decisions to bring it to fruition. That I had to listen to my calling.

And so, I ask you to do the same. Ask yourself, What would I do if I could do that which I truly want to do?





Photo by Jian Xhin on Unsplash

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