When I was first learning Tarot, I attended a class dedicated to birth cards. That was the day I learned that my calling, according to Tarot numerology, could be summarized by the conjunction of the Empress and the World. I thought that was pretty darn cool, of course. Who wouldn’t want to be the empress or achieve the world? They’re both great cards that have great energies.

And for a while that’s all that they were to me, a sort of vague inspiration to recall from time to time. A metaphysical pat on the back when I needed it.

But later I realized they meant much more. They were quite literally my tool and my mission.

The Empress is my tool. She is the ultimate motherly authority. She is love and she is growth. She is comfort and beauty. She helps us to take care of ourselves and to share our best qualities with those around us. Through self care, support, beautification, and growth, the Empress energy provides the layout for how I pursue my mission.

And what is my mission? The World. Evolution, wholeness, unison, celebration, enlightenment, finding your calling, alignment with the universe, living with intention. To pursue the world and to bring others with me. That is the goal.

Which brings us to the Fool… The Fool is my my mission’s recipient, for the Fool is you and the Fool is me. The Fool is everyone. The Fool is without worry or fear. The Fool is joy. The Fool is what ties us together and unites us. The Fool is the journey.

And so that is my calling. To use the Empress (beauty, love, health, and home) to bring the World (evolution, enlightenment, wholeness) to the Fool (everyone). Through both the mundane and metaphysical, EmpressWorldFool is here to help you find your purpose and pursue it with intent.  



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